Location iQ shopping centre
visitation tracker

Our Shopping Centre Visitation Tracker is the largest ever dynamic study of shopping centre visitation in Australia.

IQvisitation provides clear insights into how changes in consumer shopping habits over the last 24 months have affected shopping centre visitation.

Harnessing the power of Orbital Insight mobile phone ping data, Location IQ has access to over 500,000 customer movements per day across a sample of over 1,000 shopping centres, dating back to September 2019. This provides consistent, independent and reliable data that is updated daily.

How else can the data be used?

Partnering with Orbital Insight has given Location IQ access to powerful location data for understanding customer behavior. Shown at an aggregate level in this report, the data can be used for individual shopping centres or precincts and can be analysed by year, month, day or hour. The data is refreshed daily and is available from September 2019 to present.

Live feed for your individual centres,
competitors, entire portfolios
Trade area definition - understand where
customers live and work
Dwell time analysis – how long do customers stay? Has it changed?
Understand visitation by time of day,
day of the week, time of year
Cross visitation – where do customers go before and after visits?



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