Location IQ was commissioned by Woolies Liquor Store Pty Ltd to act as an expert witness in the Licensing Court of South Australia in relation to the removal and relocation of a retail liquor merchant’s licence.

The two main issues were:

  • Whether the locality of the existing retail liquor merchant’s licence and the proposed location is the same.
  • Whether the Court should exercise its discretion to refuse the application.

Economic Expert

Location IQ senior staff have an established and successful record of assisting clients with the provision of independent, expert advice.

His Honour Judge BP Gilchrist decision was in favour of Woolies Liquor Store Pty Ltd as follows:

  • Held that the existing and proposed premises are within the same locality.
  • As to the issue of discretion, the public interest does not require the refusal of the application – Liquor Licensing Act 1997.


As the economic expert, key tasks included the following:

  • Discussions and meetings with Legal Counsel as required.
  • A site visit and inspection of other liquor stores in the surrounding area.
  • Preparation of an individual report.
  • Attendance at the Licensing Court of South Australia in Adelaide to give evidence.

Greg Malempre


Alizée Vanderveken

GIS Consultant