Location IQ have developed a bespoke web mapping solution to identify optimal site locations for logistics warehouses.

The GPT Group is one of Australia’s largest diversified property groups and a top 50 ASX listed company. GPT owns and manages a $25.3 billion portfolio of retail, office and logistics property assets across Australia.

GPT Industrial Tool

The bespoke design of the Location IQ mapping tool provides The GPT Group with industry insights that align with their investment objectives.

The Logistics Web Mapping Tool involved mapping a number of logistics industry specific map layers.

This enables end users at The GPT Group to analyse industrial areas and their surrounding geography to assess the potential for investing in the acquisition of existing assets and/or development of new assets.

Included within the tool is a layer of existing warehouses on Industrial zoned land in the major metropolitan areas across Australia. This data is updated on an ongoing basis, as part of the maintenance of the mapping tool.


Greg Inglis

GIS Manager

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Pranita Sambhus

GIS Specialist