Location IQ regularly provides strategic advice to Kentucky Fried Chicken Pty Ltd (KFC) in relation to their expanding network of KFC stores.

This involves an analysis of the potential sales impact that opening a new store may have on existing stores in the surrounding area.

To achieve this, Location IQ geocodes and maps customer location data sourced from customer origin surveys performed by KFC.


These maps are then used to delineate the catchment area of the existing and proposed stores based on the geographical distribution of the customers and their store preference.

YUM Site Customer Analysis

Location IQ has a dedicated GIS team offering a range of location and data analysis services to assist clients to unlock their valuable information in a simple, actionable format.


Based on the analysis, the transfer of sales from the existing stores to the proposed store can be estimated, considering a wide range of factors, including commuting routes, visit frequencies, road networks and store attributes.


Greg Inglis

GIS Manager