In collaboration with East Research, Location IQ carried out a study to identify target locations within Sydney for the launch of an over 50’s gym concept.

Location IQ utilised their extensive demographics database and GIS tools to efficiently map the geographic distribution of the core target market for the over 50’s gym concept. The key variables included proportion of the population aged 50 – 60 years old, average household income levels, home ownership status, employment status and ethnicity.

Household Income by SA2 Census Data

All key demographic factors were combined in an index to map out key areas of opportunity for the over 50’s gym concept.

Location IQ produced a series of choropleth maps to display the distribution of each of the key demographic attributes across greater Sydney at the SA2 (statistical area level 2) level.

All variables were also combined in a weighted index to produce a series of maps showing the overall hotspot opportunities for the roll out of gyms.


Greg Inglis

GIS Manager


David Kirkland

Principal GIS & Data Consultant