Location IQ were commissioned by the City of Sydney to assess the potential for retail facilities within the Darlinghurst precinct of Oxford Street.

The aim of the project was to provide broad recommendations for creating a more active, vibrant precinct along Oxford Street, both for City of Sydney controlled buildings and the overall strip.

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Key components of the research included:

  • Identification of key success factors for an active retail strip over a 24-hour period.
  • Highlighting the key gaps in the current tenant mix.
  • Review of existing successful retail strips within Australia, identifying the key learnings which could be applied to the Oxford Street precinct.
  • Recommendations for creating a more active and vibrant precinct along Oxford Street, based around the key themes of anchor tenants, fresh food, dining and entertainment and destinational eclectic tenants.

Location IQ staff work collaboratively with clients in addressing a range of research and business requirements.

Location IQ were subsequently commissioned to undertake a second analysis, providing recommendations in relation to the future retail mix for the precinct at an individual tenant level.

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