Location IQ worked with Pacific Smiles to develop a strategic plan for expansion of their dental clinic network, in an environment where the number of dentists within Australia has gone from an undersupply to an oversupply in the past ten years.

Pacific Smiles is Australia’s largest branded dental network, with over 94 practices under the Pacific Smiles and NIB Dental Care banners. The group owns and operates dental clinics and is an Australian Stock Exchange listed company.

Pacific Smiles Locations

The project included a review of the existing Pacific Smiles clinic network to understand the key success factors of clinics in terms of catchment size, customer segments served, location attributes and competitive environment.

Following the development of the network strategy, Pacific Smiles have expanded significantly, with project deliverables used to inform decision making at the board level.

Location IQ assessed the distribution of the existing network and relationship to key competitors, the attributes of each existing practice, customer data, the demographics of each store catchment and the implications of private health insurance coverage for each catchment.

Based on the analysis, Location IQ was able to identify the key location-based success factors for Pacific Smiles.

Location IQ were then able to overlay the critical success factors across each market to highlight the existing clinic network and identify potential future clinic locations. The project outputs included a series of maps and a database to guide future location decision making.

Group 387

Gavin Duane



Hayden Armstrong

Senior Consultant


David Kirkland

Principal GIS & Data Consultant