Location IQ recently delivered an introductory and an intermediate QGIS training course to some of the team at AEC Group.

Our GIS team regularly receives queries about GIS softwares and GIS training programs from clients who are interested in adding mapping and spatial data analysis to their internal capabilities. Finding a lack of appropriate courses to recommend to clients, Location IQ decided to develop their own GIS training courses.

Sydney Map

The customised introductory course delivered for AEC Group covered the basics of using QGIS software as well as the fundamentals of GIS and spatial data analysis including:

  • Projection systems
  • Cartographic styling
  • Data management
  • Creating spatial data
  • Area & proximity analysis
  • Open data sources
  • Creation of print ready maps

The intermediate QGIS training course aimed at understanding:

  • Spatial relationships and expressions for data queries
  • Advanced Buffering
  • Rule-based styling and labelling
  • Automating map creation
  • Plugins
  • Road distances and drivetime (isochrones) analyses
  • Web mapping services

“Location IQ provided us with the knowledge and insight we needed to keep up with the world of QGIS!”. AEC Group


Working closely with the AEC Group, the course could be tailored to meet their existing skill and help them to produce the mapping outputs required for their projects.

In addition to the training courses, Location IQ also created templates for the AEC Group in order to increase mapping efficiency, as well as provides ongoing QGIS related support.

Click here to find more information about QGIS trainings. We organise generic or customised courses, in Sydney or interstate.


David Kirkland

Principal GIS & Data Consultant

Alizée Vanderveken

GIS Consultant