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We work closely with vendors, agents and property buyers to provide targeted research to maximise the potential of their assets.

For vendors and agents, we prepare property and trade area assessments to provide critical information to potential buyers. These reports are provided as part of ‘Information Memorandums’ that can then be used for marketing campaigns. For buyers, our team will prepare detailed reports to understand the potential of the market and how the asset meets current and future demand.

Your buyers will know the intricate details about a property before they make a final investment decision. We also prepare leasing or marketing collateral to help owners and potential tenants understand the size of the opportunity.



We empower Australia’s property community to make big location decisions through our unrivalled data intelligence.

To advise our property and real estate clients and stay at the forefront of the market, we use the latest available data from a range of sources and leverage our extensive proprietary database. Our team also gets on the ground, visiting the physical property and its competitive surrouding. This approach allows us to develop a profound understanding of the local resident and visitor demographics, their primary drivers, and behavioral patterns to help our clients make the best possible investment decision.

We can also help with:

Property and trade area assessments – As detailed reports or high level summaries

Market potential assessments – Comprehensive detail and insights


We assist our clients with:

  • Property and Trade Area Assessments to provide critical analysis of market dynamics, demographics, and consumer trends to understand the unique characteristics of each asset. These reports are provided as part of ‘Information Memorandums’ which can be used for marketing campaigns.
  • In-Depth Market Insights to understand how the asset meets current and future demand, highlighting opportunities for expansion/redevelopment potential.
  • Leasing or marketing collateral to help owners and potential tenants understand the size of the opportunity.
  • Competitive Analysis – identifying and quantifying competitive developments and their potential impacts.
  • Industry and economic trend analysis, highlighting any issues which ma impact on the future performance of an asset.


We tailor our approach to our clients and their assets by utilising a combination of:

  • The extensive experience of our team.
  • Our unrivalled proprietary database.
  • Our comprehensive range of external data sources – from various population forecasts, mobile phone pings, transactions, Census, Mapbox activity and CommBank iQ spend.
  • GIS technology – which is used to visualise metrics such as trade areas, socio-economic and spend data, competition, population growth and mobile phone visitation.


From airport hubs to child care developments; wellness centres to large shopping centres - we’ll find the best spot for you to thrive.


Clients who trust our advise include CBRE, Colliers, Savills, JLL, Stonebridge Property Group, Fabcot (Woolworths) and Ray White.

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