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Australia’s population is ageing rapidly. Development of appropriate health facilities in the optimal locations is critical to the wellbeing of a community.

 Location iQ partner with our clients to understand the potential for various medical businesses. We help clients from traditional GP-based medical centres right through to medi-precincts and hospitals. 

We also work in the wellness space, helping to find the optimal location for gyms, day spas, and ancillary medical services. Our clients in this sector range from property owners, developers, investors, leasing and buying agencies and retailers.



Our deep understanding of where we’ve been and where we are, helps us accurately predict what the future might look like.

We help our clients in the medical industry to make informed investment decisions by understanding market viability and mitigating risk. 

Our approach to understanding the potential for medical facilities includes analysing a range of data sources, people movement data, industry trends, and extensive research to understand the existing and future healthcare infrastructure in the area.


We assist our clients with:

  • Catchment area definition and analysis – including how the population will age, incomes, chronic health conditions, private healthcare coverage and healthcare spend.
  • Comprehensive research on admissions activity, healthcare infrastructure and employment.
  • Emerging healthcare trend analysis which may impact the success of the proposed development.
  • Site attributes – assessing whether the site meets critical success factors for the proposed use.


We tailor our approach to our clients and their assets by utilising a combination of:

  • The extensive experience of our team.
  • Our unrivalled proprietary database.
  • Our comprehensive range of external data sources – From various population forecasts, mobile phone pings, transactions, Census, Mapbox activity and CommBank iQ spend.
  • GIS technology – which is used to visualise metrics such as trade areas, socio-economic and spend data, competition, population growth and mobile phone visitation.


From airport hubs to child care developments. Wellness centres to
large shopping centre chains. We’ll find the best spot for you to thrive.


Our clients include IPN, Lendlease, Dexus, CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Soma Wellness Centre, Pacific Smiles, Toga, Colony Six, Avenor, Elanor Investments, Bekaa Group, Town Planning Alliance, Zauner Construction and CK Property

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