From powerful mapping software to project-specific advice.
We tailor our services around our clients and their plans.

We arm our clients with the absolute latest knowledge so they can be confident in where and how they will shape their business. Our powerful data, products and online tools lead the way in quality, innovation and accuracy. Our deep up-to date understanding of communities, populations, consumers, and locations gives our clients the building blocks to expand with confidence.


We assist a broad range of industries

  • Retail
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Medical, Health & Wellness
  • Self-storage
  • Industrial & Logistics
  • Mixed-Use Developments
  • Large Format Retail
  • Fast Food
  • Cinema, Leisure & Entertainment
  • Aged Care & Retirement Living
  • Education & Childcare
  • Service Stations
  • Fitness Centres
  • Student Accommodation
  • Hotels & Tourist Accommodation
  • Commercial
  • Build To Rent
  • Media
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Partnering with us gives you access to unrivalled data resources,
cutting edge analytics, industry-leading tools and bespoke advice.


Research &
Industry Insights

Data Science
& Analytics



data resources

location intelligence

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Property Economics

We provide detailed market assessments across the entire property sector, including advice on retail, commercial, mixed-use and residential assets. We help our clients maximise their investments. Our experienced consultants bring a wide variety of skills and knowledge to complex issues to better inform clients and assist in the decision making process on the road to growth.

  • Trade area definition & analysis
  • Market potential assessments
  • Leasing and sales documents
  • Network strategies & analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Highest & best use analysis
  • House Views
  • Economic Impact Assessments

Research & Insights

Our team of experienced consultants and data scientists harness up-todate big data sources to develop meaningful information for our clients. We can utilise your data, coupled with our extensive data ecosystems to help build the bigger picture to assess the future potential of your assets. We empower you with essential information, to ensure you are extracting the greatest value from your assets.

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Strategy formulation and planning
  • Due diligence
  • Expert Presentations
  • Deep dives & benchmarking

Data Science & Analytics

As a data driven business, we look to take our analysis to the next level by looking at the past and present to predict the future. We enrich your data with Location iQ’s proprietary data and multifarious third party data points to create bespoke data views, tailored for your needs.

Our team of Data Scientists gain deeper insights using machine learning techniques to create models that can forecast the future performance of assets under a range of scenarios.

  • Data cleansing & preparation
  • Machine learning
  • Modelling and predictive analytics
  • Fine tuning
  • API delivery solutions

Geo-Spatial Solutions

Our team of geospatial specialists offer a diverse range of capabilities that make us market leaders in visualising data on maps (including yours). We can enrich this data with more advanced analysis, allowing our clients a deeper understanding of their customers, patterns, unlocking opportunities to drive growth. Our mapping capabilities can be accessed directly to your desktop via our web mapping solutions.

  • Geocoding data
  • Mapping capabilities
  • Web mapping solutions
  • Trade/catchment area definition
  • Drivetime and radial catchment creation analysis
  • Plugin development for automation of mapping processes
  • Subscriptions services to our proprietary dataset

Expert Witness

As industry leaders, Location IQ frequently undertakes economic need and impact assessments, as well as representing clients within planning courts and tribunals.

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Demand Analysis and other planning outcomes

Unrivalled Data Resources

With our unrivalled data resources and cutting-edge analytics capabilities, we enable you to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart as industry leaders, ensuring that our clients have a competitive edge in an everevolving market.

  • CommBank iQ Spend Data
  • Competition
  • Market Shares
  • Mobile Phone Data
  • Population Projections
  • Census Data

Near Mobile Data

Defining trade/catchment areas, understanding visitation – can draw a boundary around any ‘Area of Interest’ (AOI) to understand where visitors to the AOI come from/go to as well as understanding people movements by location, time of day, day of week, cross-visitation locations etc. 


iQeconomy is a secure, subscription based, web mapping tool that allows you to view, analyse and interpret a multitude of property, economics and demographics data in one place. Go to iQeconomy.


iQcensus is a FREE mapping tool providing interactive socio-demographic profiling capabilities across Australia and New Zealand. Go to IQcensus. Watch our demo video.


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