Aged Care + Retirement


Location iQ is a trusted partner for operators within the aged care and retirement sector.

We have a strong history of partnering with leading seniors living operators across Australia. We offer valuable support and expertise to assist our clients in navigating the dynamic landscape of this industry.

Our team of experts specialises in assessing the potential for new sites, understanding the economic impacts of developments, and optimising operator networks. Our approach empowers you to make informed decisions that maximise outcomes for providers, clients and residents alike..



We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the aged care and retirement industries.

By leveraging our own extensive proprietary databases and cutting-edge resources, we provide critical insights into this unique market. Our data-driven research ensures that you have an accurate understanding of both the present and future opportunities. 

We go beyond traditional market analysis, employing sophisticated spatial analytics and advanced modelling techniques to provide our clients with relevant information to make important investment decisions with confidence. Whether you’re assessing new sites, planning for future growth, or optimising your existing portfolio, we arm you from every angle to make strategic, successful decisions in the senior living space.


We assist our clients with:

  • Market Insights: in-depth analysis of market dynamics, demographics, and consumer trends to understand the unique characteristics of each asset and its market.
  • In-Depth Market Insights to understand how the asset meets current and future demand, highlighting opportunities for expansion/redevelopment potential.
  • Asset Management, including how an asset will grow and change over time.
  • Network/Portfolio Strategies.
  • Sales and leasing documents.
  • Investment Opportunities: identifying acquisition and divestment opportunities.
  • Scenario Planning: base case vs development schemes.
  • Competitive Analysis: identifying and quantifying competitive developments and their potential impacts.
  • Economic Impct Assessments: assisting with development applications to Council.
  • Expert Witness Services: providing expert witness testimony to support cases in planning courts and tribunals.


We tailor our approach to our clients and their assets by utilising a combination of:

  • The extensive experience of our team.
  • Our unrivalled proprietary database.
  • Our comprehensive range of external data sources – From various population forecasts, mobile phone pings, transactions, Census, Mapbox activity and CommBank iQ spend.
  • GIS technology – Which is used to visualise metrics such as trade areas, socio-economic and spend data, competition, population growth and mobile phone visitation.


From airport hubs to child care developments. Wellness centres to
large shopping centre chains. We’ll find the best spot for you to thrive.


Our client include The Bethanie Group, Growth Point Capital, Hamptons Property Services, Haben, Living Choice, GemLife & Southern Cross Care

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