Insights in real time.

Providing subscribers personalised up-to-the-minute insights, leveraging their own data blended with ours.

We have developed an intuitive web mapping tool that allows you to visualise our data layers with the ability to blend with yours so you can understand your market quicker than ever. iQEconomy provides rich analysis tools that can be used to interpret a multitude of property, economic and demographic data from your desktop. Data layers provide coverage across Australia and New Zealand, enabling users to form an independent opinion on the economic and socio-demographic profile of a location and its potential for property investment in real time. 

Our data layers range from core retail services such as Shopping Centres and Supermarkets through to Childcare and Aged Care Services, all updated in real-time by the Location iQ team, without any maintenance required from you.

*Now fully updated with 2021 Census Data

Instant Data snapshots

Powerful interactive data maps will show you insights like never before.

  • Research: source insightful information on specific assets and locations.
  • Quick & Easy: enables a first pass look at an area using multiple data sources.
  • Accurate Data: access to accurate and up to date data with no overheads.
  • Portfolio at your Fingertips: view existing assets, trade areas and competition for a portfolio.
  • Webtool: a web-enabled solution accessible from any computer.
  • Secure: no need to share your data with partners.

Request an obligation free 14-day trial of iQEconomy and start exploring your insights. 

location intelligence

Request an obligation free 14-day trial of iQEconomy

location intelligence

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Australia like you've never known it before. We call it iQCensus.

  • Try our FREE mapping tool iQCensus first. It provides interactive socio-demographic profiling capabilities across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Access is free once you create an account.
  • Data is updated on a regular basis , allowing your to most up to date.
  • Census data is provided at a suburb level, along with SA1 and LGA information.
  • Create your own trade areas for existing and prospective data.
  • Upload your own address based data and visualise it alongside industry datasets.
  • Access to our online data repository for shopping centres – allowing you to filter the data based on your requirements.
  • Overlay administrative boundaries and land zoning data.
  • Enhanced radial and charts functionality, including spend data, population growth statistics, new dwelling approvals and unemployment data.
  • Population growth statistics, new dwelling approvals and unemployment data.


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