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We have been providing insightful,
targeted location advice since 2009

Location IQ is a location intelligence-based advisory firm providing strategic insights into location-based property decisions. To put it simply: we take complex information and then we curate, distil and articulate it for our clients. No one has the experience or knows the Australian market quite like us. Our clients range from major national retailers such as Woolworths; property developers such as Dexus, Vicinity Centre, Lendlease, Stockland and The GPT Group. We also help private developers. Our research identifies the key areas of demand for different types of goods or services across a range of sectors, and in doing so, points to the most strategically and financially beneficial location for any business.


Australia’s most trusted location intelligence partner

Our data sets the industry standard in Australia for its accuracy and relevance. However, our reputation extends beyond that. We view ourselves as collaborators with our clients. While it’s your business, your decisions, and your vision, we are here to offer support and, when needed, challenge those decisions. We harness a wealth of vital information at our fingertips and combine it with decades of experience in locating Australia’s finest businesses to provide our clients with a tailor-made roadmap.

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What sets us apart is our ability to make authentic connections – not only with data but with people.

We tap into unrivalled, up-to-the-minute intelligence and make it tangible, bespoke and relevant to our clients, keeping us firmly in the spotlight of industry leaders. We provide cost-effective and practical direction for our clients, growth for our employees, expertise and leadership for our industry and care for our environment. The utmost emphasis is placed on targeted customer service and timely, accurate and relevant advice.

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We are a team of people-people. We pride ourselves
on building long term connections with our clients.


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