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Powerful Census data simplified by us.

Never in history has Australia experienced a period of such rapid change. It has never been more important to know where we are today and where we’re heading tomorrow, so we as businesses can stay one step ahead.

We take the very latest ABS census data, interpret it, simplify it and then provide you access to visualise the data against and interactive map.

We call it iQCensus. Better yet, it’s FREE.

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Australia like you've never known it before. We call it iQCensus.

  • Free online mapping tool produced by Location iQ.
  • Provides interactive socio-demographic profiling capabilities
  • Data for Australia and now includes the latest New Zealand census data at a small area level.
  • Two operating modes — radial analysis and thematic mapping. Giving you the flexibility to select the option that best suits your needs. 
location intelligence

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Looking for richer insights based on your own data ?

We have also developed an intuitive web mapping tool that allows clients to visualise our industry leading data blended with yours so that you can understand your market quicker than ever.

Our iQEconomy tool provides rich analysis tools that can be used to interpret a multitude of property, economic and demographic data from your desktop. iQEconomy is a secure, subscription based product that we can make bespoke for every client needs.

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